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Yongkang international beauty group
Yongkang international beauty group is made up of lee's heir of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine cosmetology advocate yong-kang li professor and professor guo-qing huang, one of the couple, it is the collection scientific research, education, production, import and export trade as one of the group company.

Its products have 25 patents and 36 kinds of proprietary technology. Yongkang, yunnan pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is a national GMP standards and through the certification of high-tech enterprises.

By yongkang pharmaceutical co., LTD., yongkang fine daily chemical co., LTD., yongkang dozens of traditional Chinese medicine research institute senior experts, guided by the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, by means of high-tech technology, developed a series of unique efficacy of high-tech beauty, health care products and sell well at home and abroad, as the leading brand, the beauty of traditional Chinese medicine in China has more than 500 employees, more than one thousand national and overseas branch, will carry forward Chinese medicine health care the treasure.


Yongkang international beauty group headquarters Address: 79 dongting street, jiangbank district, wuhan city, hubei province
Telephone: 027-82425676, 82431977
National service hotline: 400-6027-667